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Online Condition Monitoring &
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Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, there are several critical equipment that are monitored using online condition monitoring techniques to minimize downtime.
Some of the most important equipment include:
  • Assembly line equipment
  • Presses and stamping equipment
  • Welding equipment
  • Painting equipment
  • Engine testing equipment

Air handling units

In automotive manufacturing, heavy-duty equipment can cause factories and workshops to heat up rapidly. Air Handling Units (AHUs) play a crucial role by extracting hot air and replacing it with cooler outside air. This external air is often cleaned, filtered, and humidified before being circulated back into the building. AHUs help regulate mechanical temperatures, minimize the risk of overheating, and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for employees. When AHU systems fail, unplanned downtime becomes inevitable. Infinite Uptime monitors AHU performance in real-time, detecting irregularities before they escalate.

Paint shop pumps

In the automotive industry, paint shop pumps play a crucial role in achieving a smooth and seamless finish on vehicles before they reach the retail market. However, these pumps are susceptible to mechanical failure if not properly maintained. Infinite Uptime’s automated condition monitoring ensures that paint pumps operate at full capacity, minimizing downtime and maintaining production efficiency.

Paint shop fans

Exhaust fans play a vital role in maintaining stable air velocity and consistent airflow within a paint booth. Typically, they come equipped with a secondary filter to keep them clean. However, excessive overspray settling on the fan blades can lead to imbalance or breakage. It’s essential to monitor other performance indicators, such as abnormal noise, vibration, or reduced airflow, as well as check for loose belts or faulty bearings. Infinite Uptime’s predictive diagnostics assists maintenance managers in minimizing downtime and ensuring efficient operations.
Highly automated, high-yield automotive plants are well-suited for condition monitoring systems.
Infinite Uptime’s cloud-enabled remote condition monitoring and diagnostics empower plant managers to make informed, real-time maintenance decisions. This approach reduces unforeseen downtime,
promotes safety, and maximizes profits.
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