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Comprehensive Plant Reliability Services for Reliable Plant Performance.

Industry Specialization


Forecast equipment failures. Reduce unplanned downtime. Improve plant productivity. Optimize maintenance strategies.


Leverage Uninterrupted production with optimal maintenance strategies. Predict equipment failures & minimize unplanned downtime to Prioritize Plant Productivity.


Empower plant operations and maintenance. Mitigate machine failures. Minimize unplanned downtime. Achieve digital reliability.


Adopt Cloud Enabled Digital Reliability Solutions. Forecast and mitigate equipment failures. Maximize Asset Uptime and Operational Performance.

Chemicals and Fertilizers

Minimize equipment failures causing unplanned downtime. Prioritize predictive maintenance to optimize asset availability and plant productivity.


Diagnose and fix equipment faults. Reduce unplanned downtime for all production lines. Enhance operational efficiency and plant productivity.



Adopt Cloud Enabled Digital Reliability Solutions. Forecast and mitigate equipment failures. Maximize Asset Uptime and Operational Performance.

Oil and Gas

Maximize production uptime and mitigate machine failures with predictive analytics. Improve plant productivity with responsive maintenance strategies.


Drive plant productivity with optimized maintenance strategies. Predict machine malfunctions to take corrective actions and minimize unplanned downtime.

Why Predictive Maintenance?

  • Track key metrics like MTBF, Health Scores, False Positives (FP%) & False Negatives (FN%) to improve the health of your rotatory assets.
  • Identify warning signs of potential downtime or production risks with predictive analytics.
  • Streamline the production process and quality throughput during the manufacturing lifecycle.
  • Create best practices maintenance to guarantee asset availability and ensure safer and more efficient operations.

  • Reduce inventory costs and optimize maintenance-related expenditures by 20-30% year on year.
  • Generate substantial savings with energy-efficient operations and increase equipment availability
  • Scale your maintenance programs with smart technology and optimum staff
  • Reduce overtime cost and realign the responsibilities of maintenance staff for more productive operations

  • Transform your machine data into intelligent machine insights with AI, precision analytics, and industrial IoT.
  • Replicate the maintenance best practices, and hyper-scale up your reliability programs equipment by equipment and plant by plant.
  • Build a connected enterprise with smart processes and a man-machine-technology ecosystem.
  • Create a digital drive in your enterprise to attain Industry 4.0 objectives and profitability.

  • Minimize the probability of major accidents and lower MMIT (Man-machine interface time)
  • Avoid touching hot surfaces and risks from accessing the equipment in a potentially hazardous environment or difficult-to-access location
  • Ensure ATEX standards for Zone-Zero and potentially explosive environments
  • Reduce incidents and operational overheads that may directly impact the bottom line and reputation of the business.

  • Drive Green Manufacturing objectives by reducing the overall operational wastage
  • Reduce carbon footprint maximizing asset life, and ensuring no operational wastages
  • Create competitive advantages, optimize energy consumption and build operations that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient
  • Let technology to the job and reduce the climate impact by driving responsible manufacturing

Case Studies


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    What our clients say

    Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.

    We have been using the real-time Diagnostic services rendered by Infinite Uptime and obtaining the customized reports along with the spectrum analysis. The System effectively triggers the alarms of impending failure, thus facilitating Predictive Maintenance in the Plant. We are now subscribing to these services in our other plants too.

    Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.

    Mr. E.N. Patro Maintenance Executive

    Reliance Industries Limited

    Infinite Uptime’s Vibration Monitoring Solution for Predictive Maintenance has measured high on our expectations of quality, flexibility and in-depth knowledge and has continuously raised the bar. I must say the Diagnostic Services offered at a reasonable cost has increased the reliability of the equipment and reduced the investment in spares-inventory.

    Reliance Industries Limited

    Mr. Keshav Prasanna Senior Vice President

    TVS Motors

    We maintained our equipment well but still faced production losses and high downtime. Thank you Infinite Uptime for the real-time Vibration monitoring and Diagnostic services provided to monitor our gearboxes, motors, bearings and pumps. Our Maintenance Team is empowered and can now submit the history of equipment to auditors.

    TVS Motors

    Mr. Sajo Paul,Plant Manager & Development Officer

    Integrated Electrical – Tata Steel, Tarapur

    As promised by Infinite Uptime, the diagnostic services offered provided valuable data to find the root cause of abnormal behaviour of the helical gearbox. With the insights into the operating equipment, maintenance to prevent the breakdown turned the vibration levels to normal.

    Integrated Electrical - Tata Steel, Tarapur

    Mr. Shahikant Bhujbal Sr. Manager

    Hidayath Group of Industries, UAE

    We are monitoring our state-of-art machines using Infinite Uptime’s Diagnostic Services. The insights into critical equipment provided in real-time facilitate our maintenance to predictive. The plug and play Vibration monitoring System helps to avoid unexpected downtime and saves cost. The triggering of alarms with notifications on our mobiles has added an instantaneous rectification process increasing machine availability

    Hidayath Group of Industries, UAE

    Mr. Imran Hidayath CEO

    Turn analytics into actions. Discover how
    Predictive Maintenance drives real value in your industry.