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Make Predictive Maintenance part of your operational budget instead of a capital investment.

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Leverage our path breaking technology for monitoring your applications every 6 seconds.

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Extend asset life and cut
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The most robust sensing system suitable for 24×7 monitoring in all kinds of
ambient conditions.
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ndustrial monitoring

Business Case Evaluation

Our strategic guidance and ROI document will help support your investment decision. It includes taking a critical view of the present condition, cost of implementation, and projected results


To optimize the returns on technology deployment, we assist manufacturing leaders in process mapping and in pinpointing areas for improvement that will yield the greatest impact on overall plant operations.

System Deployment
and Go-Live

Our experts takes full ownership of installation, configuration, and technology setup. We emphasize meticulous planning and collaboration to ensure a timely deployment and go-live process.

Client Success Program

Our comprehensive client success program is closely aligned with the desired outcomes of every stakeholder. Our focus lies in driving technology adoption and crafting impactful use cases.

Digital Transformation

Our holistic approach to asset digitalization aims to significantly improve reliability and efficiencies for your operations leading to optimized workflows and increased profitability.

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Embrace a global community of partners and
ignite digital transformation for your clients.
Infinite Uptime’s comprehensive asset
performance monitoring powered by cutting-
edge AI platform, form an unparalleled offering
in the market. Unlock the power of partnership to
drive a more profitable future—for both you
and your customers.

Cement Industry

Online diagnostics for a ball mill gear detects early gear teeth damage to avoid downtime in the clinker grinding process.


Annual preventive maintenance costs reduced by 27% with a production downtime saving of 12 hours.

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Aluminum Industry

One of the largest Aluminium smelters improves green anode availability by 7% using predictive diagnostics for the coke grinding process.


Annual throughput improved by $1.7 Million.

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Cement Industry

Country's largest cement producer implements advanced diagnostics for Roller Press across all its plants to improve plant throughput.


Saved a combined production downtime of 400+ hours resulting in a total savings of $8.4 Million annually.

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Steel Industry

A leading steel manufacturer implemented predictive maintenance to improve uptime for its Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL).


Improved availability by 12% resulting in a total savings of $745,000 annually.

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Tire Industry

One of the leading passenger car tire makers prevents a catastrophic breakdown of its calendar roll with real-time monitoring.


Production loss of over 30,000 tires averted.

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Paper Industry

Leading paper plant improves reliability in the wet section with online roll condition monitoring


Bearing replacements come down by 83%

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At Infinite Uptime, our service distinguishes itself with AI-enabled diagnostics, offering an impressive 99.7% accuracy in fault prediction. Unlike battery-operated electronic sensors, our sensing nodes utilize piezoelectric technology, which remains continuously powered. This enables monitoring and analysis of challenging applications in conditions that others cannot match.
Presently, our systems excel at diagnosing faults in a wide range of rotating equipment across various sectors. These sectors include metals and mining, cement, pulp and paper, chemicals and fertilizers, oil and gas, power generation, water treatment, rubber and tire manufacturing, glass production, and more. The advanced technology behind our predictive diagnostics allows the system to be easily configured for any type of rotating machine.
By applying machine learning techniques applied to over 80,000 assets that we presently monitor, we continuously refine our algorithms for detecting fault patterns in advance. Artificial Intelligence embedded in the system contextualizes these fault patterns with machine configuration data, resulting in accurate condition diagnoses and precise corrective recommendations every single time. Furthermore, our service comes with a guarantee of accurate diagnostics and improved equipment uptime, effectively mitigating any risk for users adopting our solution.
Indeed, our diagnostic solutions seamlessly integrate into existing workflows. A plethora of applications cater to various stakeholders, allowing them to access customized views based on their specific focus areas. Additionally, our REST APIs provide access to all the data and insights, enabling seamless transmission of information to any platform of your choosing. This not only safeguards your investment but also accelerates your return on investment.
Infinite Uptime’s Diagnostics-as-a-Service model includes a comprehensive client success program, ensuring seamless technology adoption for your plant operations. Our robust remote assistance and on-site support system guarantees a smooth experience when using our services.
Initiating the process is straightforward. Just reach out to us via our website or give us a call to arrange a consultation or an on-site visit. Our team will collaborate with you to understand your unique requirements, suggest the best approach for improving operational uptime, and provide guidance throughout the implementation process to ensure successful integration into your production line.



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