Data Scientist

Berkeley | Full Time | $120k - $180k | 0.1% - 0.3%
Looking for a data scientist who can build and lead a data science team which will be core to the cloud analytics platform of the company. Looking for a future team leader, who can build a predictive analytics platform on Infinite Uptime data, and define the next generation analytics solution for the manufacturing industry. Technical skills preferred: Signal Processing, Time Series Analyses, Cloud infrastructure, Data pipeline architecture based on data rates, Database management, Unsupervised machine learning, Pattern recognition, Real-time adaptive learning, Predictive analytics, Anomaly detection, API engines, Backend development, javascript, java, Android development, python, C, C++, Django, Cassandra.

Firmware Engineer

Berkeley | Full Time | $120k - $160k | 0.1% - 0.3%
Looking for a firmware engineer who can lead the firmware design, component selection and electronics fabrication section of Infinite Uptime, and build and lead a team. Important qualities include the ability to be a leader and take up challenges, the ability to work with a team, identify problems, opportunities and challenges and build the future of the company while sharing the vision of the founders. Technical skills preferred: Embedded C, C++ programming, firmware programming, programming at lower levels (bits and bytes, bare metal programming), component selection, prototyping, knowledge of microcontrollers, sleep mode or power saving function generation, battery life optimization techniques, concepts of cellular networks, wireless communication protocols and systems, BLE, microcontroller selection based on CPU speed, memory and timing analyses, firmware security.

Full stack developer

Berkeley | Full Time | $70k - $100k
Python development, Android / iOS app development, IT & Networking, Javascript, Webapp development, Data Visualization.

Product Design Interns

Berkeley | Hourly | $30 - $50
CAD, Design for Manufacturing, Design for Assembly, Injection Molding background, Manfuacturng background, 3D printing and rapid prototyping expertise.