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Online Monitoring & Diagnostics for Equipment in the Tyre Industry

Banbury Mixer
Master Mixer TSS Screw TSS Calender gearbox Dust Collecting Blower

Milling Section
Hold Mill Feed Mil Cracker Mill

Duplex Extruder Triplex Extruder Quadraplex Extruder Cushion Feed Extruder Pork chop Extruder Belt Extruder

Bead Construction
Bead Apex Extruder Thread Applicator Strip Winding Extruder

Inner Liner Calendering
Inner liner extruder Inner Liner Roll

Fabric Cord Calendering
Pork chop Extruder Calendar Hold Mill Calendar Feed Mill Calendar Rolls (4 roll section) Cushion Calendar

Steel Belt Calendering

Steel Belt Cutting

Fabric Ply Cutting

Tyre Building

Curing & Inspection

The tyre and rubber industry faces the challenge of manufacturing high-quality products that comply with global standards, all while keeping costs low, as demand increases. A significant obstacle to ensuring machine availability is the lack of adequate maintenance and reliability expertise. It’s challenging to locate and hire individuals with experience in tyre and rubber processes. Machines involved in the mixing and calendaring of components, assembly of “green” products, curing and final finishing, and quality checks must be maintained in optimal working condition. The availability of these machines is crucial for achieving production goals.
Additionally, specific actions are required to alleviate distinct environmental issues such as carbon black and sulphur dust, along with high surrounding temperatures and humidity. These conditions affect not only the durability and reliability of the equipment but also the physical well-being of the plant staff. To counteract the effects of airborne pollutants and heat on machine parts, a comprehensive knowledge of machine operating conditions is necessary.
The integration of digital condition monitoring is crucial for boosting productivity. It allows for the real-time gathering and analysis of data through online asset condition monitoring. By utilising Internet of Things (IoT) technology, tyre manufacturers can keep track of equipment performance, anticipate maintenance requirements, and fine-tune production processes based on immediate insights. This forward-thinking strategy reduces downtime, optimises equipment usage, and enhances productivity.

Improving Operations & Reliability in the Tyre Industry

Four out of five companies lack the data or ability to calculate downtime costs accurately. Digitalization can be a critical enabler of productivity and process improvements by identifying the top causes of downtime. A global Cement manufacturer increased total factory uptime by 1088 hours with plant reliability solutions.
Strengthen production levels, eliminate unplanned cement plant downtime, and make plant maintenance stress-free with AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance solutions designed for Cement Industry.
Hours of
Downtime Prevented
Duplex Hold Mill Gearbox
Cushion Calendar
Pork Chop Motor
Tire manufacturing plants operate in a production environment where high temperature, high humidity, and by-products can compromise asset reliability. With a growing demand for high quality products at globally competitive pricing, undisrupted production and maximum plant uptime becomes non-negotiable.
A lot depends on plant reliability and maximum availability of mission critical assets. Alas, inefficient maintenance strategies can lead to sudden machine failures, unplanned downtime, reduced productivity, and subsequent erosion of the bottom line.
With a Predictive Maintenance model, the narrative can be changed and plant reliability objectives can be sustainably achieved.

Digital Reliability for Next-Gen Tyre and Rubber Plants

Tire and rubber manufacturers struggle with data insufficiency while designing responsive maintenance strategies. With a cloud-enabled digital reliability approach critical assets can be better monitored for optimizing production. A global tire manufacturer achieved 84 hours of additional production uptime with plant reliability solutions.
Prioritize machine health to significantly reduce unplanned process downtimes and machine failures with advanced industrial maintenance services for tire and rubber plants. Realize plant reliability goals with advanced predictive analytics for tire and rubber production.

Increase Plant Uptime

Eliminate unplanned downtime with a cloud-enabled predictive maintenance strategy. Remotely monitor asset performance in real-time, to plan maintenance events that minimally disrupt the plant operations and total output.

Avoid Machine Malfunctions

Extend the life of equipment and Overall Equipment Effectiveness by using real- time condition monitoring and auto-diagnostics solutions. Plan corrective actions based on digital reliability insights and proactively avoid machine malfunctions or breakdowns.

Safe and Productive Workplace

Perform auto-diagnostics with minimal human intervention and no disruption of production lines. Enable plant maintenance teams to procure resources for asset upkeep and plan maintenance events that maximize plant productivity.
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