Plant Reliability Solutions for
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Leverage Uninterrupted production with optimal maintenance strategies.
Predict equipment failures & minimize unplanned downtime to Prioritize
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Online Monitoring & Diagnostics for Equipment in the Steel Industry

Grizly feeder Jaw Crusher Virbation Screen Ball Mill Stacker Reclaimer Cyclone Separator Conveyor

Coke Oven
Hammer Mill Exhaust Blower Dedusting Fan Cooling Water Pump BOD Blower Vapor Compressor

Sinter Plant
Pallet Car Mixing Drum Sinter Crusher Sinter Screen Cooller Fan Exhaust Blower Dedusting Fan Conveyor

Blast Furnace
Dedusting ID Fan Stock House Conveyor Sinter Fines Fan Booster Fan VPSA Blower VPSA Pump BLT Charging Unit

Steel Melting Shop (SMS)
Converter Saturated Pump Converter GCP Pump Dedusting ID Fan Caster Mould Pump Caster Booster Pump Caster Slide Gate Pump Caster Steam Fan Scale Pit Pump GAC Pump

Pellet Plant
Exhaust Fan UDD Fan Recuperator Fan Ball Mill Tailing Pump Bucket Elevator Conveyor Pelletizing Disc

Top Dedusting Fan Coal Dedusting Fan Ore Dedusting Fan Ore Conveyor

Hot Strip Mill
Mill Stand Mill Drive Pinch Roll Cradle Roll Mill Drive Cooling Tower Fume Exhaust Fan Furnace Blower

Wire Rod Mill
Mill Stand Looper Pinch Roll Circluation Blower

Tandem Cold Rolling Mill
Mill Stand Mill Drive Uncoiler Recolier Tension Reel Delivery Looper Fume Exhaust

Continiuos Galvanizing Line
Bridle Roll Fume Exhaust Blower Air Knife Blower Coater Passivation Blower

Coating Line
Uncoiler Recolier FD Fan Fume Exhaust Bridle Roll

Steelmaking involves many manufacturing techniques which are time-consuming and complex. Apart from primary production processes, there are many sub-processes where the intermediate products are reheated, solidified, or pressed into various forms, like pipes, sheets, bars, rods, and different structural shapes based on the requirement. The primary steel manufacturing process is continuous and process-based, whereas the secondary manufacturing phases are discrete. What complicates it further is the fact that:
  • Production process parameters from the upstream steel manufacturing processes strongly influence the downstream ones.
  • The intermediate products in the process undergo both chemical and mechanical changes, making monitoring quality and output more difficult.
While steel manufacturing is already a complex process, steel plants may also face many on-ground challenges in maintaining efficiency, such as:
  • Older & legacy machinery
  • Frequent halts in production due to machine failure & downtime
  • Expensive coal & raw materials
  • Avoiding unexpected accidents on site
  • Various external factors like lockouts, strikes, inefficient administration, and shortage of raw materials
Due to these challenges, steel plants face constant pressure to produce high-quality products in less time without any unexpected production halts. Unplanned downtimes can put the whole process on a stop, affect quality and production, and endanger the health and safety of workers on site. Online condition monitoring and predictive analysis is a value-added tool for the steel industry. It not only improves productivity in the plant but also makes operations more reliable and safer.

Improving Operations & Reliability in the Steel Industry

Four out of five companies lack the data or ability to calculate downtime costs accurately. Digitalization can be a critical enabler of productivity and process improvements by identifying the top causes of downtime. A global Cement manufacturer increased total factory uptime by 1088 hours with plant reliability solutions.
Strengthen production levels, eliminate unplanned cement plant downtime, and make plant maintenance stress-free with AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance solutions designed for Cement Industry.
Hours of
Downtime Prevented
Raw Material Handling System (RMHS)
Blast Furnace
Ferro Alloys
Coke Oven
Steel Melting Shop (SMS)
Hot Strip Mill (HSM)
Cold Rolling Mill (CRM)
The rising demand and growth potential for the Steel industry depends on high quality products manufactured under a digitally controlled environment. With less-than-optimal steel plant maintenance strategies, production becomes susceptible to sudden machine failures, unavailability of critical assets, and unplanned production downtime.
Inefficient production process is not only detrimental for the bottom-line of steel manufacturers, it also serves as the root cause of unsafe work conditions.
With Predictive Maintenance and Digital Reliability Solutions, steel plant downtime can be minimized and plant reliability objectives can be sustainably achieved.

Digital Reliability- Sustainability and Efficiency for Steel plants

Production downtime due to ineffective maintenance strategies can deplete productivity and profitability. Digitalization of asset performance management and reliability focus in maintenance can be the solution. A globally diversified steel manufacturer saved 566 hours of unplanned downtime with focused application of plant reliability solutions.
Realize sustainable production and plant reliability objectives with sophisticated digital reliability and predictive maintenance solutions built for steel industry.

Smart Machine Diagnostics

Completely data-driven, real-time reporting of machine performance and condition to predictively diagnose faults and maintenance requirements. Co-create responsive maintenance strategies to address eventualities and maximize plant uptime.

Enhanced Asset Performance

Optimize asset utilization, life, and realization of operational ROI with real time predictive analytics. Utilize intelligent data dashboards to strategically enhance asset performance while achieving asset reliability and availability goals.

Data-driven Manufacturing

Enable data-driven steel manufacturing by digitalizing machine maintenance and accessing real-time information about machine health. Shift stance from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance in steel plants and increase visibility of operational conditions.
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