Predictive Maintenance Cement Industry

Online Condition Monitoring &
Fault Diagnostics for

Cement Industry

Raw Material Handling
Stacker Reclaimer Crusher Feeder Vibrating Screen Belt Conveyor

Raw Mill Section
Vertical Roller Mill Classifier Raw Mill Fan Belt Conveyor Raw Mill Exhaust Fan

Pyro Section
Kiln Main Drive Girth Gear & Pinion PA Fan Preheater Fan Bag Filter Fan Kiln Feed Elevator Clinker Cooler Fan

Deep Pan Conveyor Belt Conveyor

Cement Mill
Mill Main Drive Bucket Elevator FD Fan ID Fan

Roller Press
Planetary Drive Movable Roller Fixed Roller

Packaging Plant
Bucket Elavator Deep Pan Conveyor Bag Filter Fan

Powerplant Boiler Feed Pump PA Fan SA Fan ID Fan CEP Pump Vacuum Pump Cooling Water Pump Demineralization Pump Gas Turbine Cooling Tower Fan

Cement production is among the most intense of all manufacturing procedures. The creation of Portland and Masonry cement involves chemicals like silicates, aluminates, and aluminoferrites, which can merge to generate a large amount of fine particles.
This can pose substantial challenges for the equipment used in production and handling. The demanding working conditions, coupled with elevated temperatures, lead to an accelerated degradation of rotating parts, posing a risk of early breakdown.
The operation and upkeep of assets in a cement facility pose significant challenges due to the following reasons:
  • The average machine age in a cement plant is at least 30-40 years.
  • Finding the right expertise to maintain them consistently is challenging.
  • Remote locations of cement plants make reactive action expensive and delayed.
  • Every machine – big or small – has the power to bring the whole process to a complete standstill.

Leveraging Predictive Diagnostics as a Service for your cement facility can prevent machinery breakdowns and reduce unexpected downtime, ultimately enhancing cement quality and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Infinite Uptime, with extensive experience in the cement industry, assists plants in improving reliability, safety, and resource utilization

Improving Operations & Reliability in the Cement Industry

Plants Digitalized
Equipment Monitored
Hours of Downtime Prevented

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