Case Studies

Prediction of Press Breakdown

Success Story:

  • Detection of unusual vibrations in the lateral axis of a 1000T press 4 hours before breakage
  • Prediction of bolt breakage due to bolt wear-out and failure saved almost 10 hours of downtime

Other Value Addition:

  • Cycle time optimization by studying the motions of different moving components of a machine
  • Detection of unusual vibrations on transfer system to prevent a failure or a conveyor path / trajectory to pinpoint area of high vibrations
  • Detection of improper change in acceleration and deceleration in a hydraulic press indicating improper functioning of proportional valve
hours of time saved

OEE Improvement

Success Story:

  • Identification of hidden losses by studying the production characteristics of a machine
  • Achievement of record production within 2 months due to a combination of operative and predictive analytics
  • Moving from Preventive Maintenance to Predictive and Proactive Maintenance can reduce breakdown by 90% and improve OEE to record levels
IDAP Analytics
% Breakdown reduced

Pump and Motor Monitoring

Customer: Valve Manufacturer in Tokyo

  • Identification of faulty equipment by acoustic, temperature and vibration monitoring of pumps and motors
  • Achievement of 50% lower breakdown due to a combination of FFT and predictive analytics
  • Prediction of misalignment, looseness, shaft eccentricity, and wear out through high frequency vibrations analysis
% lower breakdown

Prediction of Deterioration & Wear

Process control through very high frequency analytics.

Prediction of Roll Breakage

Predictive Intelligence can improve operative KPIS

Largest Forging Company in Asia

  • Installed: 2 August 2017, 13 IDE Kurimoto & 13 IDE Jaewoo
  • Kurimoto Line success cases:
    • TES Clamp: Breakdown reduced from 18% to 1%
    • Predictive maintenance protocol established and every predictive alert is now responded to within 2 hours
    • Conveyor Hanger: Identification of conveyor drive hanger issues are now detected and action is taken before breakdown, protocol is changed
    • Spares: Spares inventory is reduced by 30% due to higher reliability of equipment
  • Next Steps: Installed on 12500 T Press and same proven predictive alerting protocol has been established
% of more crankshafts potential unlocked per year towards direct profit

Fluid Transmission Manufacturer

Proven plant efficiency improvement

% plant efficiency improved

Largest Forging Company in Asia

Main Press Ram – Die Holder Screw Breakage Predicted: Jan 5, 2018​

% efficiency improvement