Life at IU


Driving Innovation through Empowerment,
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity


People are the catalyst that
propel a business towards
exponential growth. Recognising
value in diversity and
contributions that every
individual can make fosters a
culture of equity and

IU Rockstars

We are a team of rockstars, driven to conquer new frontiers in the plant reliability space. The dynamic work environment aligns individual objectives with organizational goals and promotes innovative thinking and initiative. Cross-functional cohesion and agile frameworks guide every project and service delivery to the customers – and IU rockstars form the foundation for it.

IU Cares

With team members spread across 21 global locations, enabling a productive, safe, and conducive work environment becomes our top priority.

Hybrid-work environment
– Work from anywhere

Holistic onboarding and
transparent objective
setting for every role

Comprehensive and
equitable health cover
for all

Annual health check-up
for all with partner care

Special sessions to
promote physical and
mental wellbeing

Social and cultural
celebrations with the team

Informal leadership interactions (Cup-a-Coffee meets)

Team building and engagement activities (The Kool Table - TKT Club)

IU Learning & Innovation

Nurturing a culture of learning and innovation with uniquely tailored co-creation workshops and training programs.

Bugathon – Organization
wide user-experience
enhancement event.

Innovation SparQ – Promoting
innovation and design thinking
in the organization.

45% employees have
completed CAT-1 training
and certification

~8000 hours of technical
training organized for
employees annually

Centre of Excellence (CoE)
and Weekly Knowledge
Sharing Sessions

IU Awards

Recognizing talent and meritorious contribution across functions to drive performance and productivity with Annual and Quarterly Awards.

Leadership Impact

Rockstar of IU

Best Innovator

Customer Success Excellence

Business Impact

Best Business Enablers

You Made A Difference



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