Equipment Diagnostics

Comprehensive Reliability Suite

Equipment Diagnostics

For manufacturing plants, downtime can have a huge impact on the business. A fault in a single machine could halt the production line. For plants that operate around the clock, that time can never be recovered. Managing a plant can be labour-intensive and prone to missing crucial signals.
Manual observations, where people move from machine to machine, checking for anomalies with the naked eye and collecting data on clipboards, can be infrequent and unreliable. Unfortunately, without precise checks at the right time and place, potential problems affecting performance might go undetected, leading to downtime.

Realtime 24x7 Monitoring

Machine behaviour and process conditions can change rapidly. Infinite Uptime ensures round-the-clock monitoring of your assets, leaving no room for missed changes in machine behaviour.


Observation, Diagnostics and Recommendation generated for any machine running in fault condition gives a clear understanding to the asset owner of why the problem occurred and what should be the corrective action. Additionally, a health score indicates the severity of the fault, allowing users to prioritize their response effectively.


In addition to the dashboard notification, users receive real-time email and message notifications to keep them informed about any problems. This ensures timely awareness and enables swift action.

Corrective Actions and Improvement Verification

After implementing the recommended corrective measure, users can assess its effectiveness by comparing the machine’s health score before and after the action. This provides valuable insights into the impact of the intervention.
The entire solution serves as a single source of truth for your plant’s condition and equipment performance, accessible to all users—from the shop floor to the top floor.



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