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Digital Transformation – The Future of Predictive Maintenance

Digital Transformation or digitization is no longer just a hype or a concept. It has found a pertinent place in every facet of business and…

Digital Transformation – The Future of Predictive Maintenance


Digital Transformation or digitization is no longer just a hype or a concept. It has found a pertinent place in every facet of business and companies who want to build futuristic business model. The advent of these disruptive technologies is proving to be a game-changer and driving a digital revolution in the industrial and manufacturing space. Conventional manufacturing industries are rapidly transforming into digitally connected enterprises by adding OT (Operations Technology) & IT (Information Technology) muscle to their production processes, manufacturing capabilities and maintenance programs.

In simple words, mechanical data and insights generated by applying these technologies are helping industrial setups to control cost, improve speed to market, drive critical decisions, add customer-centricity, and create competitive advantages.

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Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Condition Monitoring (CM) are the most sought-after and top opportunities in the industrial ecosystem from a return-on-investment standpoint. Digital transformation in PdM & CM is the application of advanced computing technologies to enhance the overall machine efficiency, reliability, outcome and sustainability in manufacturing operations. It combines a collaborative approach of man-machine-technology ecosystem along with all its service components.

Benefits of DTaaS in Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

DTaaS provides reliability-engineering teams with a plethora of new tools & approaches to effective machine maintenance and opportunities to accelerate transformation and revenue growth for the top stakeholders. Here are some direct benefits of converting the data & insights from a digital system to operational performance:
  • Save 30-50% or more on maintenance cost
  • Increase machine uptime significantly
  • Improve visibility in maintenance programs and manufacturing processes with accurate machine data
  • Build a connected enterprise with a man-machine-technology ecosystem
  • Create a digital drive in your enterprise to achieve Industry 4.0 objectives

DTaaS influences multiple aspects of the industry irrespective of the business competency, production facility and promotes coherent integration with hardware and modern technology such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, etc. The cost-effective yet endless services signify improving existing processes, nurturing ideas, over-ruling cultural barriers, and providing a generic interface with the professionals.

The emerging service model enriches customer experiences and focuses on customer connectedness. The excellence of the services is directly related to data collection, vibration monitoring, predictive analytics, visualization and reporting. Developing a strong bond with the customer at a functional and business level to promote an adaptive and data-guided mindset encourages better alignment of the available infrastructure and resources.

Begin your Digital Transformation journey with Infinite Uptime

DTaaS resolves the complexity of Digital Transformation that depends on IT integrations, extraordinary consultations, considerable upfront costs, and the relative value-addition at different stages. 95% of industry experts agree that DTaaS in manufacturing is essential to create a broader business impact and create a deeper business relationship. Infinite Uptime has been extending its DTaaS services with Diagnostics to all the engineering and manufacturing industries.

The services comprise of monitoring, collecting and analysing mechanical (machine or equipment) data using a patented technology called, vEdge, an Industrial Data Enabler (IDE) and Industrial Data Analytics Platform (IDAP). This empowers the maintenance authorities, CBM experts and maintenance heads to perform in-depth analysis and diagnoses the root cause of discrepancies in the machine.

These real-time machine health diagnostics solutions enabled with connectivity, communication, machine analytics, insights and reporting are driving innovation in manufacturing. Industrial IOT, AI, ML, Cloud and data analytics is rapidly accelerating strategic C-Suite objectives like Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 Transformation and creating a Digitally Connected Enterprise.

Looking for expert guidance on how you can start your digital transformation journey or worried whether this will benefit your business?

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