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Infinite Uptime is a global industrial IoT solution provider or improved quality, productivity, monitoring and predictive

maintenance in the engineering and processing industries.

Vertically integrated, Infinite Uptime provides its own in-house smart sensor nodes along with connectivity, communication, software, analytics, dashboarding and reporting to provide a complete solution to its customers. Infinite Uptime specializes in high-frequency data analytics, such as triaxial vibration and acoustic analyses, spectral analyses and pattern recognition for data annotation and accurate predictions.


Infinite Uptime has several industrial IoT solutions, including a productivity and predictive maintenance solution for reciprocating and rotating equipment such as presses, motors, pumps, compressors or turbines, a tool wear prediction solution for machine tools, and an end-of-line test rig solution for transmission and powertrain manufacturers. The productivity solution is geared towards real-time OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) measurement and analytics, downtime estimation and analysis and identified areas for improving the measured OEE & productivity. The predictive maintenance solution detects impending failures in critical motors, pumps and bearings non-invasively through high frequency vibration and acoustic analysis in order to prevent unplanned downtime or breakdown. Typically, this solution is also linked to the quality of the output, such as the motor of a grinding machine which can result in poor process capability in case of eccentric rotation or wear out. The test rig solution gives transmission manufacturers a portable NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) testing system which can be magnetically attached to any transmission wirelessly, like a stethoscope. Using pattern recognition and spectral analysis, the solution identifies whining sounds, dented gears and misaligned bearings in faulty transmissions before they are sent into the field.

With in-house capabilities to customize the source of data, the connectivity, the communication and the complete analytics & dashboarding, Infinite Uptime can provide a valuable vertical solution to most industries which pure software or pure hardware companies cannot. The ability to digitize any mechanical equipment or asset instantaneously makes the Infinite Uptime solution extremely versatile and easy to adopt in the engineering and processing industry.


1. Assembly Line
2. Calibration set-up
3. Soldering station
4. Prototyping and manufacturing facility
5. Design studio for electronics and product
6. Inspection set-up


1. High-frequency data analytics
2. Patented pattern recognition system
3. Large time-series data mining and value creation
4. Electronics and hardware
5. Cloud infrastructure
6. Value-added software - dashboarding, reporting and KPIs
7. Manufacturing and Assembly
8. Product design
9. Product services such as calibration, remote set-up, installation and commissioning
10. Edge computing / decision-making at the sensor level

Our Achievements


Infinite Uptime ranks in the top ten world's IoT Solution providers.

Outlook Article - September 2017