Overall Plant Reliability

Comprehensive Reliability Suite

Overall Plant Reliability

Continuous monitoring of equipment conditions for faults is essential. However, understanding overall plant performance is equally crucial. Stakeholders in different roles may prefer customized views of this information. Infinite Uptime offers various applications to provide users with a comfortable way to consume overall plant performance data. This necessitates the need for different monitoring applications fit for different stake holders.

Equipment Diagnostics App

Offers a succinct overview of equipment conditions, complete with a health score that indicates fault severity. Additionally, it provides clear diagnoses and recommended corrective actions to enhance machine performance.

Detailed Analysis App

Provides in-depth analysis of equipment operating conditions, including fault signatures, trends, waveforms, spectra, waterfall plots, and more. It also allows users to compare operating characteristics across different machines.


Serves as a comprehensive recording platform for all equipment diagnoses and corrective actions. It acts as a repository, capturing every action taken, health improvements recorded, and remarks made by users.

Plant Summary

Offers a comprehensive overview of plant performance. It presents a list of machines requiring attention and provides information about past corrective actions taken, along with the resulting downtime savings.

Control room view

Is specifically designed for control room engineers who require real-time anomaly information. It displays all machines on a single screen, color-coded according to their health status. Additionally, a sidebar keeps operators informed about ongoing fault conditions in any of the machines

Community App

Brings together users of its diagnostics platform to create a supportive community. Members share and recognize efforts aimed at improving machine reliability and reducing downtime. By exchanging thoughts on diagnostics and corrective actions, users ensure the solution is optimally utilized by everyone



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