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Vertical Integrated Solution
Big Data Analytics For Industrial Applications
Real-Time Machine Health Monitoring

Vertically Integrated Solution

Infinite Uptime provides an all in one industrial solution with hardware, cloud analytics and control software to monitor equipment, diagnose problems and drive smart decision making.

Vertical Integrated Solution
Big Data Analytics For Industrial Applications
Real-Time Machine Health Monitoring

Big Data Analytics for Industrial Applications

Our pattern recognition and predictive analytics technology provides improved productivity and quality, real-time machine monitoring and automated condition-based maintenance.

Vertical Integrated Solution
Big Data Analytics For Industrial Applications
Real-Time Machine Health Monitoring

Real-Time Machine Health Monitoring

Our product uses on-board LED indications, which communicate the real-time machine safety conditions for operators and factory managers. Safe machines make for a safe workplace.


Industrial Data Analytics Platform

Pattern Recognition

Automatically find patterns in your data
  • Automated part counting
  • Downtime characterization
  • Data-driven productivity targets
  • Equipment monitoring

OEE Calculations

Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Factory-wide OEE calculation
  • Supplier OEE calculation
  • OEE inclusive of all equipment – machines, generators, pumps and compressors

Automated Failure Mode Detection

Define parameters and detect Non-Conformance
  • Chatter detection
  • Tool Wear detection
  • Tool breakage detection
  • Collision detection
  • Improper feed rate detection

Trend Analysis

Use big data to identify productivity trends
  • Machine-wise productivity
  • Tool-wise productivity
  • Shift-wise productivity

ISO Reporting

Integrated tools for ISO compliance
  • Productivity reports
  • Monitoring / quality reports
  • SPC reports
  • Alarm / Downtime reports

Multi-tool Functionality

Monitor multiple tools on the same machine
  • Monitor multiple tools in a CNC machine
  • Controller data extraction software

Anomaly Detection

Detect anomalies and defects in real-time through visual LED indicators
  • Chatter
  • Tool wear
  • Tool failure
  • Improper clamping
  • Incorrect machining
  • Visual on-board LED indication

Use as a Stethescope

Portable, easy to use and diagnose defects
  • Battery-powered
  • On-board analytics
  • Portable

Backup Battery

Backup battery allows wireless testing and installation, and never stops monitoring even in a power outage
  • Never stop monitoring
  • Can be wired permanently
  • 1-week battery life


Designed and built for harsh environments in the industry
  • IP66 certified
  • Rust-proof and corrosionproof
  • Built for harsh environments

Online Calibration

Calibrate remotely using our software and download your ISO compliant calibration report
  • Data collection software provided
  • Remote calibration by Infinite Uptime
  • Calibration report as per ISO


Industrial Data Enabler

Waterproof IP66 Certified
Corrosion Resistant
Backup Battery = Always On

30s Setup

No tools required


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