The pulp and paper industry comprises companies that use wood as raw material and produce pulp, paper, paperboard, and other cellulose-based products.

Paper manufacturing is among the world's most energy-intensive industries engaging a workforce of 13 lakhs.

The Indian Paper industry produces 10.11 million tonnes of paper per annum. This is possible with the existence of 55 paper mills with an installed capacity of 260 lakh tonnes.

The turnover of the industry is likely to touch Rs. 60,000 crores mark by 2025.

The per capita consumption of paper in India is still at 5.5 kg.

Where can you use IDE vEdge?





Couch Rolls

Drying Cylinders


Moderate Speed Gearboxes



Paper Machine Rolls


Why Predictive Maintenance is necessary for Paper Industries?

  • Vibration in calendar machines is difficult to analyze with traditional vibration measurements.
  • Calendar rolls running for too long causes calendar barring which increases vibrations throughout the stack affecting caliper variation causing a quality loss
  • The bearings of the suction roll used in extractors if unmonitored, can lead to downtime which can cost as much as $10,000 per hour and stretch into days.
  • The extraction of moisture from the wood (raw material) is generally done within 24 hours, else the wood pulp converts in to waste. This accounts for a direct loss.

Case Studies


Vibration Monitoring System predicts gearbox failure and extends the life of calendar-roller.


We have tested IDE vEdge from last one month and got the detailed reports along with FFT spectrum, this system seems to be effectively triggering the alarms of impending failure as promised by Infinite Uptime. It is very useful and now we are planning to fix this in our multi-spindle Gang head gearbox.

Mr. E. N Patro, Maintenance Executive - Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., Karnataka

Infinite Uptime has measured high on our expectations of quality, flexibility, and in-depth industry knowledge and has continuously raised the bar. I must say vEdge is an outstanding product, I'll recommend vEdge as an optimum cost solution.

Mr. Keshav Prasanna, Senior Vice President - Reliance Industries Limited

We worked carefully with all our equipment that helped us for our living. We maintained them as and when required but still faced production losses and high downtime. Thank you Infinite Uptime for installing the IDE, to monitor gearboxes, motors, bearings and other critical mechanical rotating parts at real-time. We are so happy, we could save our maintenance cost, spares, wear and tear, and the million dollar life of the operator.

Mr. Sajo Paul, Plant Manager & Development Officer - TVS Motors

Thanks to Infinite Uptime for providing insights into our critical equipment. The plug and play real time monitoring IOT 4.0 solution, avoided unexpected breakdowns and detected large savings capabilities. We are so happy, we could save our maintenance cost, spares, wear and tear, and the million dollar life of the operator.

Mr. Bhide/Mokashi, Maintenance Manager - Bharat Forge

As promised by Infinite Uptime, the IDE sensor provided valuable data to find the root cause of abnormal vibration of the helical gearbox. With scheduled maintenance, vibration levels are normal now. We found the IDE sensor useful to avoid the breakdown.

Mr. Shahikant Bhujbal, Sr. Manager - Integrated Electrical - Tata Steel Tarapur

Thank You very much to everyone for installing the IU devices, integrating them with PLC in optimal time. We are now able to have an insight into tool life monitoring and can schedule predictive maintenance for the machines.
We look forward to continue work with you. We appreciate your dedicated time and efforts invested to achieve our goals.

Mr. Rahul Nalawade, Maintenance & Automation Head - Hirschvogel Components India Ltd.

We are monitoring our state of art machines with Infinite Uptime’s vEdge. It is providing insights into our critical equipment thereby transforming our maintenance to predictive. The plug and play real-time industrial 4.0 vEdge help to avoid unexpected downtime and saves cost. The triggering of alarms with notifications on our mobiles has added an instantaneous rectification process increasing machine availability.

Imran Hidayath, CEO - Hidayath Group of Industries, UAE

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