Is your Motor a Smart one?

Introducing Smart Motor Kit™ in partnership with DOL Motors Co Pvt Ltd.

Today, 70% of total electricity in industry is consumed by Electric Motors, which also amounts to 45% of global electricity generated.
Electric motors are prime components/elements of almost all dynamic machinery. They generate a large amount of productivity and efficiency data which can now be read, analyzed and acted upon.
Earlier, most of this useful data was lost due to unavailability of a suitable intelligent technology. This has now changed with Smart Motors.

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SMART Motor Kit™

Infinite Uptime in collaboration with its product partners DOL Motors has developed a working model of Smart motor. The Smart Motor Kit™ , through complex and advanced edge computing, communicates and transfers the data to the cloud.
Industrial Data Enabler (IDE), gets embedded inside the motors to capture essential health and productivity data of the motors and wirelessly transfers the same to a cloud space, With Smart Motor Kit™-

SMART Motor Kit™
  • The health and productivity data from the motor can be remotely and wirelessly accessed through the internet from anywhere in the world.
  • The users of the Electric Motor can have a 24X7, 365 days monitoring of their motor health.
  • Motor maintenance and productivity monitoring concerns are addressed.
  • Easily accessible and user-friendly dashboard organizes the data in a readable and analyzable manner.
  • The IDE is powered with the help of a SMART Converter, which takes the supply from the motor terminals.

The IDE and the Smart Converter together form a SMART Motor Kit™. A SMART Motor Kit can convert any motor into a SMART Motor.

SMART Motor Technology
  • SMART motor technology comprises of Industrial Data Enabler (IDE) embedded inside the motor body comprising of an apparatus with vibration and an acoustic sensor, a processing unit and a wireless communication device for data transfer. A USB micro type B port provides the necessary power to the device. The IDE is powered by a 5V DC supply. The 415V AC supply is tapped from the two phases of the motor and converted to 5V DC through a custom-built AC/DC converter.
  • The IDE has two streams of real-time data available wirelessly, namely vibration data and acoustic data. An acoustic sensor sampled at 48000Hz provides high frequency and instantaneous condition of the noise from the motor. Data from the acoustic sensor is collected in a serial buffer. A 9- axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sampled at a frequency of 10000Hz, based on the acoustic sensor callback, provides high-resolution data of vibrations of the motor.
  • The output data of the Smart Motor Kit is made available on a customized, cloud-based, dashboard for motor condition monitoring and process optimization.
The Next Generation Dashboard

Our easy to use dashboard displays a range of functionalities such as:

  • Summary of plant Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  • Machine Number with drop down menu for DE & NDE vibration, temperature and noise readings.
  • Machine Nameplate Details.
  • Historical Trending of the Parameters.
  • Report Generator.
  • Machine Operating Zone History.
  • Real-Time Parameter Trending, FFT Spectrum & Spectrogram.
Easy Installation
  • Sensor or IDE goes on the end cover from the outside of the motor and as close to the bearing as possible.
  • Sensor and converter are connected via USB cables from outside the motor.
  • The converter takes power (85-500V, 50/60Hz, 1pH/3pH) from the motor terminals or from the auxiliary supply provided in auxiliary t-box.

  • Sensor or IDE goes on the end cover from the inside of the motor and as close to the bearing as possible.
  • Converter goes inside the t-box of auxiliary t-box of the motor.
  • Sensor and converter are connected via USB cables from inside the motor.
  • The converter takes power same as that of external.

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