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Technology is making the world dynamic. Businesses are adding several new operations into their facilities and are constantly tasked to do more. That's why Infinite Uptime has designed a smart system where several industries are benefiting from its AI-powered solutions.

Our IoT devices offer intelligent solutions that help transform your industry digitally, instantly, without stopping the production line or other various operations. Install and configure it on your rotating equipment within a minute and start obtaining real-time data on our OEE dashboard!

It provides shift-wise OEE status with Pareto downtime reasons, productivity losses, and quality defects. This data, coupled with the current status of process yield per hour and process critical parameter analytics, shall help drive OEE improvement. So, digitize your processes with Infinite Uptime for greater industrial productivity and scaling valuable data.

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Digitization Drives OEE

Several industries are working relentlessly towards enhancing their operational efficiency. Our process analytic helps you to drive machine OEE improvement. The installation of our IoT devices on your machines is configured to collect relevant process data & send it to Infinite Uptime’s DRS cloud platform.

Further, the remotely accessible dashboard provides real-time status updates, graphical trends, periodic reports and allows you to set custom alerts & notifications. The analytics provided by the dashboard encourages decision-making, resulting in improved machine performance in terms of machine availability, productivity, and quality with a reduction in operation costs.

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