Oil & Gas Industry - Need Of Predictive Maintenance

Every Oil & Gas industry has refineries, compressors, pumps, turbines, fans, motors, boilers, etc.

Turbine is critical rotating equipment, used to keep refinery running. A major failure could result in substantial negative impact on overall profitability.
With IDE, we can detect timely and accurately diagnose Critical problem, thus preventing serious damage, avoiding unplanned outage, and optimizing O&M expenses.

Compressor provides steady flow of processed gas in Petrochemical Plants. Compressor provides steady flow of processed gas in Petrochemical Plants. The increase in Frame Vibration can indicate problems such as Imbalance, Looseness, high moments caused by excessive Rod load. IDE Vibration sensors mounted on crosshead can detect machinery problems such as excessive crosshead clearance, liquid ingestion, excessive clearance in the crosshead pin bushing and loose or cracked nuts, bolts, liners or pistons.

Pump failures are often caused by mis-alignment, cavitation, leakage, overheating, deterioration, run-out, etc. These problems eventually cause loss in millions of dollars. IDE helps to detect faults before actual pump failures through continuous data collection and monitoring it on a real-time basis.

Fan blades in cooling towers can disintegrate due to fatigue. This causes serious damage to the towers. IDE’s vibration analysis can be instrumental for early detection of fan blade fatigue. Moreover IDE’s temperature analysis, can help to detect temperature of the Pumps which are used in cooling water systems.

Oil and Gas industries typically comprise of

  • Alkylation - Refrigeration Gas Compressor and its turbine, and Feed pump can be monitored.
  • Catalytic Cracking - Air Blower Motor, Heat Pumps Compressor, (turbine driven), Wet Gas Compressor, Turbine and Expander can be monitored.
  • Vacuum Gas Oil Plant - ID Fan and FD Fan, Recycle Gas Compressor, Various Critical Pumps can be monitored.
  • Delayed Coking - Coke Gas Compressor, Heater Charge and other Critical Pumps,
  • Hydro treating - Recycle Gas Compressor, Pumps and Motors.
  • Distillation (Atmospheric and Vacuum) - Various types of Pumps and Rotary Compressors, ID and FD fans.
  • Reforming (Aromatics) - Make-Up / Recycle/ Tail Gas Compressors, Crude change Pumps, Refrigeration Blowers, ID and FD fans.
  • Clean Fuel Processing - Make-Up Gas Compressor, Feed Pump Air Cooler, Recycle Gas Compressor, ID and FD Fan, Feed Charge Pump , Dryer Bottoms Motor,Hot Oil Motor.
  • Spent Acid Regeneration Area - Refrigeration Gas Compressor and Turbine
  • Captive Power Plant - Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Air Compressor, FD Fans of Auxiliary Boilers, FD Fan Turbine Drives of Auxiliary, Boilers, Utilities i.e. Air Compressor and Cooling Water Pump.
  • Pumps and Gearbox Apps - Boiler Feed Pump Drives, Feed-Water Pump Drives, Cooling Water Pump Drives, Auxiliary Oil System Pump Drives.
Predictive Maintenance

Case Studies

Oil & Gas /Motor
Oil & Gas /Motor

Wireless Vibration sensing System predicts failure of motor and Kneader; prevents catastrophic breakdown.


We have been using the real-time Diagnostic services rendered by Infinite Uptime and obtaining the customized reports along with the spectrum analysis. The System effectively triggers the alarms of impending failure, thus facilitating Predictive Maintenance in the Plant. We are now subscribing to these services in our other plants too.

Mr. E. N Patro, Maintenance Executive - Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., Karnataka

Infinite Uptime's Vibration Monitoring Solution for Predictive Maintenance has measured high on our expectations of quality, flexibility and in-depth knowledge and has continuously raised the bar. I must say the Diagnostic Services offered at a reasonable cost has increased the reliability of the equipment and reduced the investment in spares-inventory.

Mr. Keshav Prasanna, Senior Vice President - Reliance Industries Limited

We maintained our equipment well but still faced production losses and high downtime. Thank you Infinite Uptime for the real-time Vibration monitoring and Diagnostic services provided to monitor our gearboxes, motors, bearings and pumps. Our Maintenance Team is empowered and can now submit the history of equipment to auditors.

Mr. Sajo Paul, Plant Manager & Development Officer - TVS Motors

As promised by Infinite Uptime, the diagnostic services offered provided valuable data to find the root cause of abnormal behaviour of the helical gearbox. With the insights into the operating equipment, maintenance to prevent the breakdown turned the vibration levels to normal.

Mr. Shahikant Bhujbal, Sr. Manager - Integrated Electrical - Tata Steel Tarapur

We are monitoring our state-of-art machines using Infinite Uptime’s Diagnostic Services. The insights into critical equipment provided in real-time facilitate our maintenance to predictive. The plug and play Vibration monitoring System helps to avoid unexpected downtime and saves cost. The triggering of alarms with notifications on our mobiles has added an instantaneous rectification process increasing machine availability

Imran Hidayath, CEO - Hidayath Group of Industries, UAE

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