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Infinite Uptime brings Machine Diagnostic Services with its unique patented technology along with its Vibration Monitoring System for Predictive Maintenance.

The System comprises hardware aptly named Industrial Data Enabler (IDE) vEdge, measures tri-axial high-frequency mechanical vibrations, temperature, and acoustics in real-time.

The Dashboard Software trends the captured data and the spectrum provides its analysis.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity streamline the OTA (Over The Air) remote firmware upgrade technology.

The System helps you to correctly detect, identify and monitor your machines and equipment thereby preventing unplanned downtime, increasing productivity, and minimizing breakdown maintenance costs. Moreover, remote monitoring also ensures safety in the plant and facilitates quick reporting during real-time data auditing.

Detect anomalies and defects in real-time
  • Unbalance, looseness, misalignment, and eccentricity
  • Visual on-board LED indication to indicate machine states
  • Android and iOS mobile app, and dashboard
  • User-configurable defect diagnostics
  • Diagnostic available remotely on dashboards & locally on LED of the device
  • FFT graphs and reports available
  • Increased safety as machines can be monitored remotely

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We have been using the real-time Diagnostic services rendered by Infinite Uptime and obtaining the customized reports along with the spectrum analysis. The System effectively triggers the alarms of impending failure, thus facilitating Predictive Maintenance in the Plant. We are now subscribing to these services in our other plants too.

Mr. E. N Patro, Maintenance Executive - Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., Karnataka

Infinite Uptime's Vibration Monitoring Solution for Predictive Maintenance has measured high on our expectations of quality, flexibility and in-depth knowledge and has continuously raised the bar. I must say the Diagnostic Services offered at a reasonable cost has increased the reliability of the equipment and reduced the investment in spares-inventory.

Mr. Keshav Prasanna, Senior Vice President - Reliance Industries Limited

We maintained our equipment well but still faced production losses and high downtime. Thank you Infinite Uptime for the real-time Vibration monitoring and Diagnostic services provided to monitor our gearboxes, motors, bearings and pumps. Our Maintenance Team is empowered and can now submit the history of equipment to auditors.

Mr. Sajo Paul, Plant Manager & Development Officer - TVS Motors

As promised by Infinite Uptime, the diagnostic services offered provided valuable data to find the root cause of abnormal behaviour of the helical gearbox. With the insights into the operating equipment, maintenance to prevent the breakdown turned the vibration levels to normal.

Mr. Shahikant Bhujbal, Sr. Manager - Integrated Electrical - Tata Steel Tarapur

We are monitoring our state-of-art machines using Infinite Uptime’s Diagnostic Services. The insights into critical equipment provided in real-time facilitate our maintenance to predictive. The plug and play Vibration monitoring System helps to avoid unexpected downtime and saves cost. The triggering of alarms with notifications on our mobiles has added an instantaneous rectification process increasing machine availability

Imran Hidayath, CEO - Hidayath Group of Industries, UAE

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