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Misaligned shafts are the greatest contributors to plant breakdowns, due to the increased forces placed on bearing, mechanical seals, internal components and motor drives. This not only increases unscheduled downtime but also increases overall maintenance costs, which results in production loss. On the other hand, machines operating in perfect alignment run at their most efficient. Our modern Laser Shaft Alignment system utilises laser-based technology to ensure that the shafts are coupled together along a perfect rotational centreline.

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Offers High Accuracy Precision Alignment ±.001 mm

Provides Accurate and Confirmed Results

Encourages Data Storage of Results

Displays Results Visually

Requires No Mechanical Fixtures

Avoids Coupling Damage

Laser Shaft Alignment field service can be extended to the following machines

Direct drive Fans

Motor-driven Pumps



Propeller Shafts





Guarantee correctly aligned shafts and high machine reliability in the toughest environments

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