Tool Tracking

GPS for tool tracking

On-board GPS system that tracks and updates hourly locations of company owned tools and fixtures

Vibration sensors for productivity analysis

On-board vibration sensor to detect number of parts produced and downtime characterization on company owned tools using Infinite Uptime pattern recognition technology

Cellular data transfer

On-board direct satellite communication system for world-wide application eliminates the need for Wifi or Bluetooth

Temperature sensor for quality monitoring

On-board temperature sensor to monitor the quality of the process remotely while the tool is in production at the supplier’s facility

Case Study

Client Profile

A global plastics manufacturer with a large portion of their manufacturing outsourced to suppliers in India and China.


With a huge supply chain and thousands of molds under ownership, a better way to track their capital investments and prevent unauthorized use was essential.


A plug-and-play system which characterizes productivity (authorized use), location, monitoring and predictive maintenance on any machine at any supplier using proprietary pattern recognition and unsupervised learning algorithms.

Projected Performance Metrics

Hours saved in locating missing molds
Reduction in unauthorized mold use (in %)
Reduction in mold loss (in %)