Test Rigs


The IDE device is light, fits in the palm of your hand and is completely portable.

Magnetic Mount

Installs with no wires or hardware. Simply mount magnetically.

LED Pass/Fail Indicators

Run quality testing with easy-to-read result displayed directly on the device and wirelessly updated on the cloud.

Pre-Encoded Quality Parameters

When ordering, we can pre-encode your supplied quality parameters for specific testing pass/fail ranges.

Case Study

Client Profile

A global manufacturer of drivetrain equipment for industrial transportation and construction vehicles.


The status quo method of testing transmissions was time consuming. The setup alone required connecting multiple wires and moving the transmission into a specific test room.


We were able to implement our platform to help the consumer reduce the amount of steps taken for testing, reduce man hours required and increase the number of testing samples taken. Our client could give quality testing to 100% of all parts manufactured as opposed to a representative sampling.

Projected Performance Metrics

Reduction in time needed per test (in %)
Increase in quality testing size (in %)
Sq.ft. reduction in space needed for testing (in %)