Machine-agnostic factory-wide deployment

Use our platform on any equipment using any controller to characterize productivity, quality, monitoring and predictive maintenance. Our software uses a revolutionary unsupervised learning and pattern recognition software to learn about each machine’s characteristics

ISO Compliance

Automated report generation allows for data-driven decision-making as per ISO standards for productivity, quality and maintenance. Use our data-driven productivity targets to know how efficient your factory is and how far it can go!

Safety through on-board LED indication

On board indicators act as an additional safety guide when installed on equipment. Safety indicators help reduce training time for operators and immediately call attention when an abnormal condition is detected


Install Infinite Uptime throughout your factory in minutes and start deriving benefits from day 1

Recent Applications in Manufacturing

Filtering Non-Conformance from Environmental Vibration

In a high vibration environment, our client had trouble filtering what was part non-conformance and what were vibrations coming from adjacent stations in a quality measurement lab. Using the Infinite Uptime IDAP, they were able to focus only on detecting the part non-conformance issues for their quality measuring equipment

Controller-Agnostic Monitoring for Bending

Large manufacturer in China utilized Infinite Uptime IDAP for a “plug-and-play” productivity and monitoring solution for bending machines with old controllers

Productivity Characterization for Forging

In a forging machine operation, Infinite Uptime IDAP was used for Productivity Characterization and automatic air spray control to prevent scaling and underfilling

Preventing Part Distortion for Bar Feeder

Our client was plagued by output loss due to large vibrations once the bar left the final bearing in the bar feeder. Using Infinite Uptime IDAP, they were able to prevent part distortion resulting in a 4% improvement in yield