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At Infinite Uptime, Industrial Diagnostic Service helps several industries to optimize advanced technologies and revolutionize business growth and operations. Due to its very niche capability, it ensures proper equipment operation, safeguards the human asset from operational hazards, and empowers the manufacturer with apt insights into the equipment.

Our Diagnostic Services complemented with a Condition Monitoring System for Predictive Maintenance improves the availability and reliability of the equipment in the plant, thus combating major drawbacks of Preventive Maintenance.

This smart Plug-n-Play service offers real-time data, automatically transforms them into projections, delivers actionable insights, and prescribes initiatives to avoid unwanted equipment failures.

Easy, Compatible & Safe

Our Diagnostic services include deploying an edge computing vibration monitoring system that analyzes the faults in a machine and provides recommendations to action through a mobile app or a dashboard. Our service team continuously supports you in monitoring and assisting the health of your machines through a detailed process and ensures to improve business outcomes. Based on the insights obtained, Infinite Uptime’s technology recommends corrective actions to avoid sudden unwanted stoppage of the equipment.

1. Deploy

2. Detect

3. Diagnose

Key Features

Promote and maintain the health of industrial assets

Facilitates timely, cost-effective and high-quality real-time monitoring

Avoids unwanted failures and downtime in the equipment

Diagnosis is not the end but a beginning for the professionals

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