Industrial Data Analytics Platform

We are an expert in IOT & Industry 4.0

IDAP is a full-fledged configurable IIoT analytics platform with dashboarding functionality for productivity optimization and automated predictive maintenance in the industry. The IDAP covers the entire range of platform solutions including system configuration, parameter configuration, and alarm configuration via email and SMS. The IDE plugs into the IDAP seamlessly.

Pattern Recognition

Uses pattern recognition technology to annotate your data

  • Automated part counting
  • Downtime characterization
  • Data - driven productivity targets
  • Equipment loading condition detection
  • Setup and production time detection

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Factory-wide OEE calculation
  • Supplier OEE calculation
  • OEE inclusive of all equipment – manufacturing equipment and critical utilities
  • Identify areas of OEE improvement for 5% Year-on-Year improvement
  • Gamification of productivity and OEE


Automated Failure Mode Detection

Artificial Intelligence to detect anomalies and ensure asset reliability

  • Chatter, tool wear and tool breakage detection
  • Collision detection
  • Eccentricity, waviness and bearing wear-out (inner and outer raceway) detection
  • Motor imbalance detection
  • Overheat and anomaly detection


Trend Analysis

Use big data to identify productivity trends and areas for improvements

  • Machine-wise productivity
  • Tool-wise productivity
  • Shift-wise productivity
  • Losses and loss analysis
  • Identification of areas of improvement
  • Data-driven benchmarking
ISO Reporting

Integrated tools for ISO compliance

  • Productivity / OEE reports
  • Monitoring / quality reports
  • Alarm / Downtime reports
  • Cycle time variability reports
  • Equipment condition history reports
Multi-sensor Functionality

Monitor multiple data sources on the same machine

  • Monitor multiple tools in a CNC machine
  • Controller data extraction software with integration
  • Integrate data from IDE with other sensors such as long-distance temperature, energy (current, voltage & power factor), flow rate and pressure
  • Infinite Uptime’s IoT LED tower indicator can also be integrated for a full-fledged solution