Advance Reliability with a New Maintenance Strategy

Digital Reliability Service (DRS) is an advanced Diagnostic Service recommending corrective measures for equipment faults to reduce the overall maintenance cost and improve your machine's uptime. The DRS process analytics module helps you drive significant improvement in your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Real-time equipment monitoring provides the dashboard trends, spectra, and AI-based analytics and proposes concrete solutions to increase the uptime and efficiency of your equipment. Our experts supervise the execution of the proposed measures provided by DRS.

In an economically feasible way, the DRS scope includes:

Diagnostics followed by Mechanical Correction & Testing Services

Bearing Supplies

Process Analytics

Potential Benefits of DRS

  • Avails prospects to make better use of the provided data
  • Creates an online equipment-data depository
  • Optimizes the maintenance budget
  • Reduces the wrench time
  • Facilitates creating a digital timeline of each piece of equipment
  • Improves the uptime of equipment
  • Enhances efficiency and safety of the maintenance team
  • Increases the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Decreases Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • Digitizes legacy as well as modern equipment
  • Ensures zero accidents or safety in your plant

1. Digitize

2. Detect

3. Diagnose

Key Features

Digitize Legacy Equipment

Real-time remote monitoring of legacy equipment & accurate data collection

Diagnose Variable Frequency Drives

Configurable diagnostics and alert conditions

Create Customized Reports

Automate and schedule reports automatically

Executable Remedial Measures

Guidelines to benefit the equipment performance & prevent breakdown

Empower machine reliability

Leverage cost-effective solutions to drive machine performance in the new age of maintenance

Case Studies

Success stories establishing ROI

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