Transform Conventional Equipment into Smart Equipment

It's critical when manufacturers experience instant loss of the entire production batch due to long-term damage or immediate failure of the equipment. Our Diagnostic Services, supported with a licensed Vibration Monitoring System, transforms your conventional equipment into smart equipment.

Incorporating the sensor into your equipment offers continuous remote monitoring of the equipment for the OEMs, helps ensure recommended utilization of the equipment, maintains equipment efficiency, and predicts problems between scheduled inspections. Such valuable insights for the OEM and users help reduce the unexpected failure and extend the machine's life by several years in comparison to an hourly breakdown, which may hamper the production for a week. Smart equipment integrated with a diagnostic service can transform your facility into a SMART FACTORY.

  • Delivers real-time predictive analytics right from the moment of installation
  • Detects and diagnoses the faults in the equipment well in advance
  • Encourages history of equipment for combating the issues
  • Maintains the health of the equipment
  • Extends RUL with DaaS
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Implementing DaaS for OEM

The 24x7 remote monitoring of the system based on an IIoT dashboard enables the Manufacturer to experience the benefits and features of smart equipment. It only takes a minute to install and configure on your rotating equipment and digitizes it instantly! With the help of this Plug-n-Play system, the equipment manufacturer gets continuous live insights on equipment in the field to optimize the service network, be proactive instead of reactive, and optimize the service and spares system due to advanced information on equipment condition.

  • An understanding of the performance of the equipment through real-time diagnostics
  • In case of any mishaps, manufacturers can justify their warranty claims
  • Explore the planned sales business opportunity through streamlined alerts
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