Predictive Strategy Delivers a Proactive Outcome

Infinite Uptime’s Diagnostic Service for a manufacturing industry is essential to ensure correct maintenance, protect the collateral damage and reduce the maintenance costs. This Service plays a crucial role at every step of the equipment operation

  • Identify the equipment
  • Capture real-time data and provide an understanding of gathered data
  • Analyse cause and effect with an interpretation of the degree of impact
  • Screen and detect abnormalities in the equipment
  • Diagnose the root cause of the discrepancy
  • Facilitate corrective measures to prevent an unexpected breakdown
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DaaS in Multiple Industries

Our Patented Vibration Monitoring System complete with Diagnostic Services is built for every industry that seeks to minimize manual requirements and maximize uptime through digitization. With cutting-edge technology, all the engineering and processing industries observe the health of their mechanical rotating equipment in real-time. The accuracy in screening and precision in the diagnosis helps to reduce your maintenance and spare parts ordering schedules. The prognosis based on the earlier findings helps several equipment operators, maintenance personnel, and manufacturers to take retrofitting measures.

  • The Plug and play sensor detects failures in the equipment instantaneously
  • The compact device digitizes the 24x7 machine even at an inaccessible location
  • The System configures on any rotating equipment irrespective of its orientation and capacity
  • The Auto-diagnostics feature on the dashboard reduces analysis time
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