Indian Defence Industry is the world's 4th largest military force and has the world's largest volunteer army. The industry is the under-development manufacturing sector. The defence budget of India is 1.5% of GDP Manufacturing of rocket launchers, multispan bridging systems, air drop platform systems, missile launcher, bridge laying tanks, demining upgrade, land, and weapon and engineering systems. Vibration Monitoring ensure consistent operation of a vehicle or a transmission unit in the battlefield.

Defence Vehicles

  • a) Air vehicles
  • b) Land Vehicles

Process Related Benefits

  • a) Monetary Benefits
  • b) Soft Benefits

Mandatory Regulations

  • a) Availability of combat equipment
  • b) Any aircraft with more than 9 defence personnel on board must have CBM (Condition Base Monitoring)

Condition Base Monitoring

Vibration monitoring which is a vital parameter of condition base monitoring

  • Helps to cope up with the lack of expertise and experience necessary for the Maintenance and Repair of rotating equipment.
  • Provides unprecedented insight into squadron or fleet and vehicle health.
  • Decreases the time spent on equipment and vehicle inspections.
  • Saves cost in excessive spare parts, their replacement and operational support.
  • Empowers armoured fighting vehicle operators with the ability and confidence to plan and choose when to carry out maintenance and which component of the equipment to be focussed.
  • Offers n increase in equipment availability, safety and operational hours.
  • Encourages the decrease in premature component failure, mission aborts, and unscheduled maintenance occurrences.
  • Minimizes damage to internal components leading to longer life.
  • Simplifies equipment and vehicle training.
  • Improves fault decision.

How vibration monitoring strengthens defence industry?

Though Agitators, Blowers, Compressors, Dryers, Exchangers, Fans, Grinders, Heaters, Impactors and many more equipment used in the defence industry are substantially important monitoring the motors, bearings,, gears and pumps systematically can perform a root cause analysis of their malfunctioning and also predict the failure of each and every one of them.

  • Improper rigging, repairs or maintenance, installation of parts, and or secured parts.
  • Parts worn beyond their allowable service limits can be identified.
  • Use of non-standard or unapproved parts.
  • Failure or fatigue of parts.
  • Important torqueing conditions causing spikes in vibrations.
  • Overheating of bearings.
  • Loss of lubricants.
  • Rise in temperature due to friction.
  • Indicates broken rotor bars, airgap eccentricity.
  • Stator winding failures.
  • Predicts suffering a wear problem.
  • Forecasts bearing malfunction.
  • Pump failure can cause high power consumption.
  • Improper flow of fluids resulting into vibrational surges.
  • Cavitation results in inefficiency in pumping operations.
  • Additional noise may be detected.


We worked carefully with all our equipment that helped us for our living. We maintained them as and when required but still faced production losses and high downtime. Thank you Infinite Uptime for installing the IDE, to monitor gearboxes, motors, bearings and other critical mechanical rotating parts at real-time. We are so happy, we could save our maintenance cost, spares, wear and tear, and the million dollar life of the operator.

Sajo Paul - TVS Motors

Thanks to Infinite Uptime for providing insights into our critical equipment. The plug and play real time monitoring IOT 4.0 solution, avoided unexpected breakdowns and detected large savings capabilities. We are so happy, we could save our maintenance cost, spares, wear and tear, and the million dollar life of the operator.

Mr. Bhide / Mokashi, - Bharat Forge

We installed the IDE on our helical gearbox to get a deeper understanding of the root causes of its failures and prevented them becoming catastrophic. Outstanding product and people make Infinite Uptime an awesome part of the predictive maintenance.

Mr. Shashikant Bhujbal - Tata Metaliks

Thank You very much to everyone for installing the IU devices, integrating them with PLC in optimal time. We are now able to have an insight into tool life monitoring and can schedule predictive maintenance for the machines.
We look forward to continue work with you. We appreciate your dedicated time and efforts invested to achieve our goals.

Mr. Rahul Nalawade - Hirschvogel Components India Ltd.

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